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1 January 2022

Welcome to Motorsports Bootcamp!

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Motorsports Bootcamp will happen on July 1, 2022 and is presented by 3:16 Trackdays, Fonseca Group Realty with Compass, and supported by Circuit of The Americas and Edge Addicts Motorsports Events

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Our Mission

The mission of Motorsports Bootcamp is to provide our active military Soldiers with the opportunity to learn important skills that can improve their day to day sport vehicle operation, through a blend of classroom, drills, and closed course training.

It is known (do a quick search) that Soldiers have a high risk of motorcycle and sports car related fatalities due to accidents on public roads. This program is designed to give our brave and fearless soldiers operational training to help avoid accidents.

Learn to Ride

Bring yourself, your bike and let us do the rest! Our experienced mentors with 3:16 Trackdays will work with you to help you learn how to control your motorcycle at speed.


Maximum Participant riders for the day

0 +

Knowledgeable mentors to coach the riders

Learn to Drive

Don't have a motorcycle? No problem! We also offer the same training for cars. Our experienced instructors with Edge Addicts will work with you to help you and your car perform better.

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Sport car drivers for the day


Up to 75 Sports Car Instructors from Edge Addicts

Do you have Questions?

A list of frequently asked questions to help you understand how this works.

1. Do I have to provide my own motorcycle or car?

Yes. You must provide your own vehicle and it must be prepared a particular way to be eligible to be allowed on the track. See our participant requirement pages for details.

2. Do I need to have any special gear?

Yes. You need to bring your own safety gear. The gear you need will depend on if you plan to bring a car or motorcycle to the event. See our participant requirements pages for details.

3. What does Motorsports Bootcamp cost?

Nothing! The event is free to eligible participants who are current active duty military.

4. How do I prepare my motorcycle or car for use on the track?

We have details on how to achieve this on our participant requirements pages. This prep will vary depending on if you will be using a car or motorcycle for the event.

5. Who is eligible to participate in the bootcamp?

Must be Active Military Armed Forces and possess an active Armed Forces of the United States Geneva Conventions Common Access Card (CAC)

The term “Active Military” means—

  • Full-time duty in the Armed Forces
  • Drilling members of the Reserve Component

The term “Armed Forces” means—

  • the United States Army,
  • Navy, Marine Corps,
  • Air Force, and
  • Coast Guard,
  • including the reserve components thereof.

The term “Reserve Component” means, with respect to the Armed Forces—

  • the Army Reserve
  • the Navy Reserve
  • the Marine Corps Reserve
  • the Air Force Reserve
  • the Coast Guard Reserve
  • the Army National Guard of the United States
  • the Air National Guard of the United States

Who is not eligible:

– Retired
– Inactive Ready Reserve (IRR)
– Inactive National Guard (ING)

The Gear

All participants must wear proper safety gear. See the participant requirements pages for details.


All participants must be current active military.


Motorcycle participants must have at least 10,000 miles of street riding experience.

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